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Custom Design

Let Safetyimages365 Design Your Safety Message!

At Safetyimages365 we have over 1,000 designs covering 60 different safety categories and a range of other products but there may be safety issues specific to your organisation or industry that we do not cover. Our Creative Director, Malcolm Teece, an industry favourite who combines the specialities of Health and Safety and graphic design with an edge to be eye catching, creative, sometimes zany and always memorable. So whatever the safety issue you're facing, contact Malcolm and see what he can produce for you!

Whether a poster campaign, banner or electronic display Malcolm can customise your safety message either with a complete new design or simply a text amendment, change of colour or theme.

Email: or call 0113 4574495

Shown below are some more examples of recent custom designs for a variety of companies...

To view more custom designs and see some of the background of the designs please visit



HEXCEL Toyota 2
Cidon 1 Cidon 2 OLLEC Toyota 1